VIZRT Social TV Solution

Visualize the power of social media
Social content from the world
It’s no secret that social networking has become a major force in the way the world communicates. Hundreds of millions of people on social networks like Twitter and Facebook every day interacting with each other and sharing the world around them. Vizrt has developed tools for broadcasters to harness this content in ways never seen before.
Capture social media
Vizrt brings a solution that captures social media content and allows the presenters to tell a story with this content in visually compelling ways.
Content can be captured from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram as well as third party partners like, TrendrrTV and Mass Relevance.
With new editorial tools for selecting messages, journalists search content then easily send the selected messages to Viz Ticker or Viz Trio for on-air presentations. Vizrt has developed tools to display analytics data so the designers can easily build interactive scenes that visualize the data with unlimited possibilities.
An open API allows custom applications to directly integrate with Vizrt
Live remotes from anywhere
Turn Skype into a virtual live truck with the new Skype interaction tools from Vizrt. Producers prepare calls in advance and build them as part of a newscast’s playlist. Journalists take the conversation live on-air all with simple controls in Viz Trio and Viz Content Pilot.
Spread your message
Send breaking news and program updates to Twitter and Facebook from the newsroom or control room during live broadcasts from newsroom control systems or Viz Trio. Schedule automatic updates with Viz Multichannel. Vizrt’s channel branding system brands every channel with content from traffic and automation systems and sends breaking news and program information out through an automated system so your viewers are always kept up to date.
With editorial, visualization and automation tools, Vizrt is revolutionizing the way social media interacts with the broadcast world.