SONY BRBK-IP7Z IP remote control option board

Allows control of up to 112 BRC cameras via an IP network
The BRBK-IP7Z option board allows the BRC-Z700 camera to be connected to the RM-IP10 remote control panel via LAN cable.Systems of up to 112 cameras under IP control can be built (BRC-Z700 with BRBK-IP7Z, and BRC-H900 and BRC-Z330 cameras with the BRBK-IP10 option board). The IP control can be distributed among a maximum of 5 RM-IP10 remote control panels, sharing the control of the system.

HD/SD SDI outputs for studio applications

The BRBK-IP7Zalso includes 2x HD/SD SDI outputs, meaning there is no need to invest in additional option boards or external SDI convertors.