EVS Nano Air Playout Software Controller

Nano Air is a playout software controller for TV studio and on stage entertainment.
Combined with XSnano servers, it offers cost-effective multichannel playout capabilities with unrivalled reliability.

Nano Air’s simple operation is in a class of its own. It guarantees simultaneous playback of HD or SD clips and playlists to several destinations, such as background studios and stage screens (animations, fill and key). Nano Air can also play out the programme’s elements to switchers for on-air playout.

Nano Air enables smooth integration with file-based workflows to easily import A/V content (single or batch) to be instantly played out.

When using the XFly Streamer add-on, the XSnano server record channels can be streamed to standard NLE or archive systems.

  • Multiple playout channel control
  • Playout in one click
  • Complete file-based workflows

  • Easy to operate
  • Available in all standard codecs
  • 4 channels SD-HD
  • Transcoding capabilities at import
  • Gang channel playout (fill & key)
  • Frame-accurate synchronised gang playout
  • Cost-effective

  • The Nano Air can be bundled with the XFly Streamer

  • TV studio production playout applications
  • Frame accurate multichannel synchronised playout (multiclips, fill & key)
  • Background studio video playout
  • Stage event background playout