EVS LSM Connect Slow Motion & Highlights

The LSM Connect is a powerful new tablet-based solution for clips and playlist management.
Directly connected to LSM remote and the XT Live production server, LSM Connect gives you instant access and control of all clips and playlists created during live broadcast production using the EVS LSM Controller. Designed with the help of operators, practical features - from clips indexing, searching to dragging and dropping in a playlist - are quicker and easier to manage. LSM Connect is an optional addition to the legendary features of the standard LSM. It offers unmatched flexibility to live OB operations, giving editors time to focus on adding creative value to their programming. 

Fast browsing and selection
  • User-friendly search using icons and colours
  • Multiple clip selection for group import into a playlist
  • Auto-complete search and powerful filters
Clip enriching
  • Add metadata on the fly, even before clip creation
  • Add icons and colours for the operator’s use only
Playlists management and editing
  • Edit playlists on-air (move clips in a playlist while on air)
  • Edit playlists off-line while rolling out something else
  • Copy playlist elements from one playlist to another