SONY CBK-WA01 WiFi Adaptor

Wi-Fi Adaptor for use with the XMPilot Planning Metadata Solution
Discontinuation end of December 2014.
Successor models:
  • IFU-WLM3 Wi-Fi dongle
  • CBK-WA100/-101

The CBK-WA01 is a compact Wi-Fi adaptor for use with XDCAM HD422 Camcorders such as the PDW-700, PDW-F800 and PMW-500. When attached to the camcorder, it communicates wirelessly with laptops and other mobile devices running Sony’s XDCAM Browser software, and with mobile phones supporting the XMPilot application.

(Wi-Fi capability on supported cameras must be enabled with the CBKZ-UPG01 software key.)

XMPilot extends the XDCAM metadata workflow to directors, location producers, production assistants and camera operators, reducing the length of time it takes to get captured material on-air, minimising ingest time, increasing post-production workflow efficiency and adding value to your archives.

Related Accessories
CBK-UPG01: Wi-Fi Hardware Key for PMW-500 XDCAM HD422 camcorder
CBK-UPG02: Wi-Fi Hardware Key for PMW-350K/L and PMW-320K/L
CBKZ-UPG01: Upgrade software key to enable Live Logging with Planning Metadata