VIZRT Viz Libero

Sports analysis and replay

Viz Libero is the global leader for 3D virtual sports enhancements. Based on existing TV images only, Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analysing interesting or controversial scenes. The vision is to provide sports fans with unlimited insights into sport games.

Viz Libero's Emmy nominated technology is available for football, American football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, handball, volleyball and many other sports. Broadcasters around the world such as ESPN, NFL Network, Univision, ZDF, Canal+, and Globosat use Viz Libero to enhance their sport analysis.

Key features

  • Realistic 3D replays
  • Novel perspectives
  • Conclusive reviews
  • Many different sports
  • In-Game 3D replays
  • Content sponsoring
  • Interactive touchscreen
  • File-based workflow
  • Integrate EVS & Grass Valley
  • One-Box-Solution
  • No additional infrastructure
  • Remote & studio shows

Realistic 3D replays
Viz Libero combines realistic looking 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics for sports broadcast. TV viewers will get unprecedented insight into controversial or tactically interesting sports scenes. Seamlessly combine eye-catching 3D replays with powerful dynamic telestration to analyse interesting or controversial scenes from the perfect perspective.
Based on the existing TV images only, Viz Libero generates arbitrary virtual camera images that appear deceptively realistic. It does not require any additional infrastructure in the stadium making it suitable not only for hassle-free remote productions but also for fully-featured studio applications. An interactive telestration and annotation system combines the full flexibility of Viz Libero's 3D scenes with an intuitive interactive user interface for TV experts.
Highly configurable
Viz Libero offers a wide range of 3D analysis tools that will bring your sports program to a new dimension. The setup is highly configurable and subject to individual preferences. Choose your feature packages for a customized solution that perfectly meets your production requirements and impresses your viewers.
Interactive shows
Give your experts the ultimate tool for illustrative sports analyses to make your highlight show even more dynamic. The interactive telestrator is available for all sports and is typically controlled via a touch-screen or an iPad. Empower your expert with an intuitive tool and increase the involvement of your viewers.
Content sponsoring
Embedding virtual advertisements into the generated content provides an excellent opportunity for your commercial partners to place their brand together with the 3D flights. Content sponsoring allows for the placement of tied-to-pitch advertising banners in a perspectively correct and unobtrusive way.
Sports Hub
Let your audience be part of the action by using the Sports Hub. Customize your analysis graphics and templates, control the analysis clips via Vizrt’s workflow, or use the iPad / touch-screen to run your interactive studio show. In addition, a lineup tool is available in the Sports Hub – also controllable via the iPad.
Supported Video Formats
HD: 1080i50/59.94
HD: 720p50/59.94
SD: PAL 4:3/16:9
Video: SDI
Genlock: Black Burst / Tri-Level