SONY PVM-L3200 32-inch Broadcast LCD monitor

Multi-format Widescreen LCD Monitor

The PVM-L3200 is a 32-inch LCD monitor equipped with a customized WCG-CCFL (Wide Colour Gamut CCFL) backlight system designed for use in Broadcast applications. The image processing engine uses the same technology as the award-winning BVM-L TRIMASTER Series, ensuring the PVM-L3200 offers the superb picture performance and sophisticated features required by today’s broadcast critical picture-monitoring applications.

The PVM-L3200 can also accept almost any type of video and PC signal, both analogue and digital. The video interface accepts analogue composite signals up to 3G SDI, as well as HDMI™ and DVI signals.

In addition, the PVM-L3200 extends the user-friendly approach of Sony’s professional CRT monitors in terms of system configuration, installation, functionality, and operational convenience.

The PVM-L3200 is the ideal choice for the next level of digital broadcast systems that requires smooth migration from CRT to LCD, SD to HD, and/or interlaced to progressive.

This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle-free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business.

  • Suitable for a Wide Range of High-End Applications

    Ideal for BROADCAST (studio, engineering, etc.) and POST PRODUCTION (Editing, VFX, CGI. etc) applications

  • Picture Quality Rivalling Top-Flight CRT Monitors

    The PVM-L3200 is capable of displaying High Definition in native mode 1920x1080 pixels. Equipped with a 10-bit customised LCD panel, a precision backlight for extended colour gamut and a Sony display engine providing 12-bit output processing for precision imaging, the PVM-L3200 is the ideal choice for high quality and critical viewing requirements.

  • Superb Colour Accuracy

    The innovative Colour Management System ensures consistent and repeatable colours to match the international ITU-709, SMPTE-C and EBU colour space standards

  • Superb Colour Accuracy

    The innovative Colour Management System ensures consistent and repeatable colours to match the international ITU-709, SMPTE-C and EBU colour space standards

  • Outstanding Greyscale and Colour Depth Provide Lifelike Picture Quality

    Superb precision in picture reproduction is achieved through the 10-bit LCD panel drivers and 12-bit output signal processing.

  • Consistently Optimal Picture Performance

    Less ‘drift’ than CRT displays, with an absence of picture distortions such as convergence, geometry, linearity and focus variation. The PVM-L3200 is also immune to magnetic field interference.

  • Faithful Reproduction of Interlaced Pictures

    Capable of reproducing interlaced video images to the same standard as CRT monitors

  • High Quality Motion Display

    Black Frame Insertion Mode dramatically reduces motion blur.

  • Exemplary Picture Consistency

    Consistent and repeatable chroma and greyscale performance ensures efficient matching between monitors.

  • Productivity Boost

    New dual image processing including Picture Side by Side mode and a new Pixel Zoom function allow quick evaluation and comparison of two input sources.

  • Exceptionally Versatile

    Due to its broad range of inputs and multi-format signal capabilities, the PVM-L3200 is equally suited to AV or IT-based applications, allowing you the freedom to operate in whichever format you choose from the entry HDMI to the latest 3G SDI

  • Future Proof

    A slot structure allows accommodating various optional input boards and the ability to accept future boards as well to ensure that the PVM-L3200 remains current.

  • Easier to Install and Accommodate than CRT

    The PVM-L3200 has benefits over CRT such as space saving, less weight and heat generated.

  • Air Conditioning Requirements lower than with CRT

    LCD monitors generate less heat than CRT reducing the air conditioning requirements when used in a confined environment

  • Easy Maintenance

    Routine convergence, focus, geometry and linearity adjustments are no more necessary.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership than CRT

    Long operational life / high reliability.
    Low energy bills.
    Low routine maintenance cost
    Reduced environmental disposal costs.