SONY LMD-1530W 15-inch entry-level LCD monitor

Since its introduction in 2003, Sony's LMD Series has offered professional monitors in a variety of types and sizes, suitable for applications in the studio and in the field.

Building on a long history as a leading supplier of high-definition technology products, Sony continues to enhance its LMD Series of monitors by introducing a new 15-inch entry level HD monitor, the LMD-1530W.

This monitor can be used for desktop editing and office viewing applications with video or computer format input through DVI to HDMI conversion cable. The LMD-1530W also supports both HD-SDI and SD-SDI with the optional BKM-341HS adaptor.

The LMD-1530W incorporates a 15:9 aspect ratio, WXGA (1280 x 768 pixels) LCD panel, and an HDMI interface - in addition to the features offered by the current LMD-1420 SD monitor. It also comes in an almost equivalent size, both in height and width, as to the popular LMD-1420 and LMD-1410 SD monitors.

Where smooth migration from the LMD-1420 or LMD-1410 to HD picture monitoring is desired, the LMD-1530W is an ideal choice in terms of product features, operational usability, installation convenience, as well as picture quality.

This product comes with the full PrimeSupport package. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offering expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment – and your business.

  • 15" Wide Screen LCD Panel

    The LMD-1530W is equipped with the latest generation of LCD panel providing high contrast pictures, detailed images with an excellent viewing angle. It offers same picture height as previous Sony CRT 14-inch which makes this product ideal for CRT replacement for entry level applications.

  • WXGA picture resolution (1280x768)

    Although the LMD-1530W is aimed to replace the current LMD 14-inch series, it is equipped with a higher LCD panel resolution that is bringing crisp images even in SD.

  • Optimised for moving pictures

    The LMD-1530W is a professional video monitor optimised to reproduce images with a high degree of accuracy. This new model is integrating high quality I/P processing to limit the artefact caused by the conversion. The LMD-1530W can be used as a reference monitor for entry level applications.

  • Professional features

    One advantage of the LMD-1530W is its ability to provide the fundamental professional video features which are necessary for evaluating the picture quality of an image.

  • HDMI input

    An HDMI connection can transmit a Video/Audio or computer signal through a single connector. This type of connection is becoming a standard compatible with a wide range of HD formats.