SONY DVF-EL100 OLED 0.7-inch colour HD digital viewfinder

Amazing OLED digital viewfinder for CineAlta cameras

The DVF-EL100 HD digital viewfinder offers amazing OLED quality for CineAlta cameras with a digital interface, such as the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5. Don’t let the small size fool you. This 0.7-inch* viewfinder has the incredible clarity of 1280 x 720 High Definition. And resolution is just the beginning. Thanks to OLED technology, you get superb brightness, contrast and response.

* Viewable area, measured diagonally.

  • DVF-EL100 is the first Sony OLED viewfinder for S35mm cameras on the market.
  • OLED technology is now within your reach – at a valuable price - experience the best viewfinder on the market!

Best Colour reproduction
Thanks to OLED technology, the DVF-EL100 reproduces colours simply as they are – much better than LCD technology.

Higher Contrast Ratio –See every detail in the highlights and in the shadows!
Only OLED technology – a self-emitting technology - guarantees highest contrast ratio due to missing backlight of the panel = Black is as black as it should be. The resulting contrast ratio super exceeds CRT technology.
DOP and DIT can see every picture detail in the lights and even in the shadows. Thus they can create proper image – This feature addresses most DOPs’ demands formulated over the past few years.

Quicker motion response
OLED technology offers quick motion picture response which allows e.g. panning without ghosting or blurring.

Superior resolution
Its resolution of 1280x720 pixels allows the user to easily find the correct focus point and create proper images. Picture is much sharper and more reliable to the DOP.

Flexible usage and peace of mind
The 26pin cable is detachable and can be exchanged for a longer one.
Great asset for rental houses if the user want to configure the camera with different cable length. If the cable will get defect only the cable needs to be replaced.

Long lasting - Eye Sensor feature to increase lifetime
To avoid burn-in and to increase lifetime, DVF-EL100 comes with the “Eye Sensor” feature: It recognizes when the eye is away from the viewfinder. The viewfinder inverses the picture on the display and turns it off a few seconds later.The display is turned on again once the eye is back on the viewfinder.

What matters is image
Display button The display button enables to turn on/off every information character being displayed in the viewfinder. This allows the DOP/cameramen to make all the settings in the viewfinder; then by pressing this button, to fully concentrate on the image itself without any interfering visible characters on it.

Future proof - Spare button
DVF-EL100 offers one spare button for future functions set up. This offers future safety in terms of usability.