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Teradek BRIK

End to End Streaming
Brik provides the same industry leading point to point streaming capabilities as the award-winning Cube encoder, while enabling camera operators to utilize additional hardware add-ons such as monitors via Brik’s dual active SDI loop-throughs and configurable DC outputs. For demanding professional video applications, there is no better solution than the Teradek Brik.
Broadcast to any CDN Worldwide
As a high profile camera-back H.264 video encoder, Brik makes streaming directly to the Web easier and more convenient than ever before. With comprehensive transport protocol support for RTMP, RTP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, HLS, and ZiXi, Brik ensures your content will reach audiences worldwide on the platform of your choice
Proxy Recording & iOS Streaming
The Teradek Brik brings video assist to a whole new level. Whether you’re pulling focus through the SDI loop-through, streaming to your clients’ iPads and iPhones, or saving proxy recordings on the built in SD card port, Brik offers an extremely versatile and simple to use video assist solution for any industry.
Camera-Back Convenience
Brik makes wireless streaming easier than ever before by providing you with a V-mount chassis, an SD card port for on-board proxies, dual active SDI loop-throughs, dual configurable DC outputs, and all of the award-winning features of the Teradek Cube encoder.