SONY MSPX64 Mirroring Memory Stick

Shooting on NXCAM requires a media that’s specially designed to be reliable, durable and secure. This all-weather stick records on two separate areas of the media so there’s always a back-up copy of the content available.

  • Records simultaneously to two areas of the media so if the content on one area is damaged, the content recorded to the other area remains undamaged and secured for playback.
  • Ideal for shooting on location where preserving recordings is essential.
  • Ideal for photographers with cameras that only have one memory card slot or no built-in memory.
  • Set up a password on a PC to protect data if the memory stick is lost.
  • Warns you when approaching media overwrite limits.
  • Easily back up to a PC or hard disc drive in one step.
  • Choose from quick or full formatting.
  • Anti-static, waterproof and dustproof –tough enough for extreme conditions*.
  • Can be bent, twisted and slotted in and out of equipment**.
  • Comes in a special hard case with strap hole for attaching to a case or bag.

*Anti-static is certified to IEC61000-4-2 standard. Waterproof and dustproof is certified to IEC IPX58 standard
** The PX series passes durability testing of 12,000 slot insertions and removals