SONY PFD100TLA Triple Layer Professional Disc

100 GB of Storage Capacity enables up to 3 Hours of Video Recording in HD Format.

Ideal for long shoots which require editing before archiving, high capacity data capture and temporary file storage. With its long archival life and durability, Professional Disc™ is also a natural choice for reliable long term archiving.

Sony Corporation has expanded its XDCAM™ Professional Disc product line with the addition of a triple-layer 100GB rewritable disc. This new version of the XDCAM™ Professional Disc is twice as large the storage capacity of the original dual-layer optical media. This upgrade significantly enhances the XDCAM™ system’s potential as an efficient technology option for long-term archiving.

The new triple-layer disc, model PFD100TLA, has a total storage capacity of 100GB. Professional users can record up to approximately 3 hours of high-definition content on this triple-layer disc when recording with MPEG HD422 mode at 50 Mbps.
The PFD100TLA media is planned to be compatible with new XDCAM™ products XDS-PD1000, XDS-PD2000, PDW-U2 and XDJ-1000*. The triple-layer disc is also designed for optimum performance with future versions of the XDCAM™ system.

The triple-layer PFD100TLA is a 12cm (5 inch) rewritable optical disc, encased in a protective cartridge that’s designed to be resistant to dust, shock and X-rays. With the new triple-layer disc, users can expect a long time recording of high quality contents and 1,000,000 read cycles, under specified operating conditions, and an estimated archival life of more than 50 years, according to Sony testing.

Stores up to 100GB of data
Rewritable over 1000 times
Estimated archival life of 50 years
Reliable and durable in extreme conditions
Full professional technical support