Sachtler DV 12 SB fluid head

The key to Sachtler’s successful fluid heads is their step switching. Now our innovative SPEEDBALANCE technology enables even faster and finer counterbalance of your camera system. By reducing the minimum payload, the heads’ overall payload range is increased.

The fluid head DV 12 SB is delivered with the Touch & Go® plate 16 (Code No. 1064). It comes with a 1/4” screw and 3/8” screw. Spare camera screws (1/4”/ 3/8”) and a pin screw are stored in the balance plate. The pin screw fits in the center hole of the camera plate. Thus a pin/1/4” screw connection can be achieved if your camera requires this connection.
If your camera remains front- or back heavy after going through the necessary centring procedure you may solve this by using the C.O.G plate (Code No. 1063). This plate offers a removed position.The C.O.G. plate can be mounted to either the front or the back. It cannot be operated with pin and 1/4” screw. 

Technical data

Weight 2.7 kg / 6 lbs
Payload 1 - 14 kg / 2.2 - 31 lbs
Sliding range - plate 70 mm / 2.8 in
Counterbalance in 12 steps
Grades of drag 5 each horizontal and vertical + 0
Tilt range +90/-75°
Temperature range -40° to +60° C / -40 to +140° F
Camera fitting Touch & Go Plate 16
Tripod/Pedestal fitting 100 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting
Pan bar(s) 1, Type DV 100
Level self-illuminating Touch Bubble
Batteries Level 3 x 625U or LR9
Adapter viewfinder extension optionally

DV 12 SB is also available in the following systems
System 12 SB
System 12 SB ENG 2 CF
System 12 SB SL MCF