Sachtler DV 10 SB fluid head

The new DV 10 SB fluid head is Sachtler’s smallest 100mm solution. It provides a 12-step counterbalance as well as five horizontal and five vertical grades of drag (+0). The Speedbalance technology enables fast and smooth adjustments, while the head’s payload range from 1 to 12 kg (2-26 lbs) and tilt range of +90° to -75° make the DV 10 SB the ideal tool for diverse shooting conditions. The fluid head is equipped with a compartment for spare camera screws (pin, 1/4”, 3/8”), sparing the operator from tedious searching on the set.
The DV 10 SB operates with a DV 100 pan bar. Other useful features include the integrated flat base fitting and a self-illuminating Touch Bubble.

The fluid head DV 10 SB is delivered with the Touch & Go® plate 16 (Code No. 1064). It comes with a 1/4” screw and 3/8” screw. Spare camera screws (1/4”/ 3/8”) and a pin screw are stored in the balance plate. The pin screw fits in the center hole of the camera plate. Thus a pin/1/4” screw connection can be achieved if your camera requires this connection.
If your camera remains front- or back heavy after going through the necessary centring procedure you may solve this by using the C.O.G plate (Code No. 1063). This plate offers a removed position.The C.O.G. plate can be mounted to either the front or the back. It cannot be operated with pin and 1/4” screw.   

Technical data

Weight 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs
Payload 1 - 12 kg / 2.2 - 26.5 lbs
Sliding range - plate 60 mm / 2.4 in
Counterbalance in 12 steps
Grades of drag 5 each horizontal and vertical + 0
Tilt range +90/-75°
Temperature range -40/+60° C
Camera fitting Touch & Go Plate S
Tripod/Pedestal fitting 100 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting
Pan bar(s) 1, Type DV 100
Level self-illuminating Touch Bubble
Batteries Level 1 x CR2032

DV 10 SB is also available in the following systems
System 10 SB
System 10 SB ENG 2 CF