Grass Valley Ignite Automated Production

Increase Efficiency
Ignite integrated and automated production solutions are the industry's first and most complete link between the control room and the newsroom — one that provides an unmatched return on investment with single-operator capabilities.

Ignite Konnect - Integration of Kayenne & Kalypso Switchers with Ignite Production Automation
With the Ignite Konnect Live Production Automation System — the first and most complete link between the control room and the newsroom — you choose the level of automation that best suits your specific workflow and environment. Ignite lets you speed up your transition to digital production and eliminate technical errors, so you can produce more, and better live content quickly, efficiently and economically — with fewer staff. Move to flexible control room automation without changing your existing switcher workflow. Ignite Konnect scales up to meet your needs, so you can leverage the effects you've already built and take advantage of your existing Kayenne or Karerra Video Production Center switcher.

Ignite Katalyst - Programmable Automation Panel
Grass Valley designed Ignite Kastalyst as an ergonomic and flexible fast-access hardware control system that works in perfect harmony with the Ignite Automated Production System. When you add the Ignite Katalyst panel, you'll gain quick access to the specific functions your director needs at any given point, resulting in the fluid, orchestrated production of scripted and non-scripted programming.

To make multidistribution content delivery for the Web and mobile devices more efficient and help generate alternate revenue streams, team Ignite Konnect with GV STRATUS Nonlinear Media Production Tools.