Front Porch Digital SAMMA tape migration, QC, metadata management, archiving

Within the evolving landscape of data storage, solutions for media migration have become essential for the protection of archives. You might need to preserve the most important moments in history exactly as they were recorded, so that future generations can know the stories of hardship and triumph that shape how we live. Maybe “content is king” for your business and every minute of that content represents revenue. Perhaps you focus on safeguarding the nation and upholding the laws to better protect and serve.

But how do you migrate thousands, if not millions, of hours of media content accurately and cost-effectively? How do you access archives and search through all that information fast enough to respond to world events and satisfy audience desires? How can you find the intelligence essential to security in the flood of big data you see every day?

Front Porch Digital offers industry leading services for migrating, managing and marketing your archive data. Our state-of-the-art system comprises:
SAMMAprep - The essential first step that begins the media migration of videotape content
SAMMAclean - A crucial step that helps to ensure the successful encoding of media (even with tapes of unknown origin)
SAMMAsolo HD/SD – A patented media migration process designed to provide archive quality migration of videotape content to multiple file formats in one single pass
SAMMArobot – An automated resource that cuts labor and ensures the highest quality control

Each project presents unique workflow challenges, whether you’re helping to preserve historically significant content, managing daily production and broadcast or helping people relive sports experiences. These are big tasks, often with complex workflows and tight budgets. In every media migration situation, your best first step is SAMMA Migration Solutions.