Civolution syncnow time-syncronized-to-media applications

Civolution’s state-of-the-art content identification platform allows broadcasters, content producers and interactive application providers to offer time-synchronized-to media applications such as ad-(re)placement, live voting and content-related overlays.
Based on Civolution’s powerful watermarking and fingerprinting technologies, it allows for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content.

SyncNow - Smart TV Integrated application in connected media devices such as smart TVs. It allows content (re)placement or precise triggering of events based on the identification of viewed content. Triggered events are transparent to any type of distribution or time shift.

SyncNow - 2nd Screen allows for the automatic identification of the TV channel being watched and the content being played. Upon identification, it enables accurate time synchronization between content played on TV and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The real-time interactivity automatically handles distribution delays and supports time-shifted viewing.

Content triggering service by SyncNow – Smart Services: provides real-time recognition of broadcast content such as advertisements, movies, TV series, music, and more. By automatically notifying application providers of what content is airing on which channel, the service allows for the synchronization of value-added functionality such as content-specific background information, hyperlinks, and synchronized social newsfeeds, all within the developer’s second-screen or smart TV applications.