Streambox AVENIR Mobil közvetítőrendszer

Avenir is a specialized Streambox HD and SD mobile broadcasting device designed for video contribution and streaming for non-technical users to quickly send live and file-based video from remote locations over bonded wireless 3G/4G networks and the Intern

The unit is battery powered light weight small form factor device that is capable of delivering high quality real-time HD/SD video and almost real-time HD/SD file-based video by bonding up to 8 – 3G/4G wireless cards. Avenir contains many advanced features for ease of use and operations with automated 3G/4G networking and dynamic bandwidth negotiation. Additional benefits for video quality and operations include automated HD and SD video selection, easy-to-operate touch-screen interface, an optional iTouch/iPhone user interface can be used to access Avenir’s controls remotely, and a family of optimized smart-presets for delivering the highest quality video for best results.

Avenir has two built in paths to transmit HD/SD video from the field. The direct connection allows Avenir to send live video to a Streambox Decoder or Media Player and transmit file-based video to a Streambox Store and Forward Server in the broadcast studio or datacenter. Alternatively, Avenir could utilize Streambox Live cloud-based service to send both live and file-based video for real-time routing, archiving, and video sharing for many-to-many service.

The mobility and performance of Avenir makes this system ideal for Mobile HD/SD Newsgathering, Sports and Events, and Emergency Response. Avenir is designed to shorten and streamline workflows for both live and file-based acquisition by containing field editing tools including play/pause, trim to selection, file deletion, and file uploading.

Live Newsgathering

Getting live news reports to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. News happens anywhere at anytime so flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use is critical in live newsgathering applications. Streambox innovative ACT-L3 compression technology allows remote field reporters to set up quickly and transmit higher quality video and audio over a variety of low bandwidth connections as events unfold.

The Streambox Live Newsgathering package comprises of several software encoders with video management and playout systems. This package can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or a microwave truck. Our award-winning solutions for live and file-based newsgathering provide unrivaled video quality and reliability for all broadcast and broadband applications at a low total cost of ownership.

Sports and Events

For sports broadcasters, capturing high quality action at live games or events and transmitting it to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. One-time events can be expensive to cover with a satellite truck, and in some cases not cost-justifiable to broadcast live.

Many teams and stations already take advantage of the innovative technology Streambox offers for sports broadcasting. Streambox reduces the cost of covering events by removing the satellite or microwave link, ultimately providing a less expensive and more mobile solution. With the option of adding color commentary in true HD, reporters and stringers can obtain the action from locker-room to finish-line. Plus, with the cost-efficient technology, it is easy to add multiple cameras with low-cost IP back-haul.

Additionally, Streambox point-to-point coverage allows users to distribute live feeds between broadcast centers at low cost, linking stadiums and facilities with real-time video. Sports broadcasters are able to simulcast events between multiple locations to expand audience and revenue streams, and even send road-trip coverage of the team back to the home stadium.

1) Contribution
Reduce the high cost covering events by removing the satellite truck.
Add multiple cameras to your coverage with low-cost IP back-haul
Cover live events not previously cost-justifiable
Compliment regular coverage with training events, scouting, drafts, etc

2) Color / Complimentary
Wireless acquisition captures the action anywhere, from locker-room to finish-line
Reporters and stringers can add color commentary in true HD
Fan-cams gather reaction from supporters via free apps

3) Point-to-point
Distribute live feeds between broadcast centers at low cost
Link stadiums and facilities with real-time video
Simulcast events between locations, expanding your audience and revenue streams
Send live road-trip coverage of the team back to the home stadium

Emergency Response

Getting live video reports from disaster areas as events unfold can be a logistical and technical challenge. Relief organizations and government agencies need a way to acquire mobility for real-time newsgathering as a means to send video and audio reports in a timely manner back to decision makers for rapid assessment and response. Frequently the systems are operated by a non-technical staff so system simplicity, flexibility, and reliability are critical.

Innovative Streambox video technology facilitates improved communication between relief organizations, government agencies, and first responders. Compact enough to fit into a small backpack, the highly mobile units can be set up to start transmitting high quality video within minutes. Even when all land-based networks have been knocked out, Streambox technology provides dependable agility in gathering disaster intelligence faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.