Marshall Electronics MMV-XXI Multi-Viewer System

The Montage MMV-XXI modular video multi-viewer system offers high-density delivery of 3G-SDI, HDMI, and Composite video.

The 1U platform unit supports up to 6 modules. One unit can support up to 21 video input channels. The output module provides one HDMI output and one VGA output along with analog audio. The MMV- XXI provides a Xio-BUS and uses a standard SNMP protocol which can be managed by a centralized monitoring and management system. Dual redundant power supplies are standard.

Model Description
MMV-DPSF MVS Frame with Dual Power supplies
MMV-CVSD 4 Channel SDI / Composite Input card
MMV-SDHD 4 Channel HD-SDI Input card
MMV-HDI 4 Channel HDMI Input card
MMV-HDOM HDMI / VGA Output card
MMV-XXI-HD Multi-viewer System includes 20 HDSDI Inputs and One HDSDI Output
MMV-XXI-2HD Multi-viewer System includes 16 HDSDI Inputs and Dual HDSDI Outputs
MMV-XXI-B Multi-viewer System includes 4 HDSDI Inputs and One HDSDI Output