Jünger Audio d02 Digital Dynamics Processor

The d02 digital dynamics processor is a professional studio device that processes the dynamic range of digital, as well as analog audio signals.

The unit comes with a digital AES/EBU Interface and high resolution 24 Bit A/D Converters, thus allowing dynamic range processing (compressor, limiter, expander) in the digital and analog domain.

The d02 converts analog to digital audio signals without the risk of clipping and overload. With the combination of A/D-conversion (with headroom to avoid overload) and the digital processing of gain and limiter, it is possible to achieve the highest digital full scale signal without clipping.

The increase in programme density and loudness level are entirely free of the processing noises typical for dynamic range processors, such as pumping, breathing or signal discolouration.

The unit is easy to operate and requires only a limited selection of settings. All other parameters required for an inaudible processing of the dynamic range are automatically controlled by the programme signal and permanently optimized.

  • High-End Compressor
  • High-End Expander
  • Brickwall Peak Limiter
  • Multi-Loop Wide Band Adaptive Algorithm Design
  • Front Panel Operation
  • Analog I/O
  • Digital I/O
  • Power Fail Bypass Relais
  • External Sync available