Jünger Audio C8000 : Modular Audio Solution

The modular line is a system, comprising DSP boards, I/O interface cards and frames. It can easily be tailored to suit each broadcaster’s individual audio processing requirements. This may range from simple format conversion applications to Dolby based multi language surround applications including loudness processing.

Audio Processing Solutions
The modular line’s audio DSP boards offer individual audio processing solutions for al kinds of applications like - Loudness processing - Fail over / voice over - Upmix / downmix - Mixing - Delay
C8082 Switch Over / Ducker
C8087 5.1 Upmix
C8685 Audio Delay
C8086+ Level Magic II™ processor
C8088 Mix-Matrix & Limiter

SDI Interfacing Solutions
This MODULAR LINE’s SDI Interface board allows you to access and to modify all embedded audio channels on a SDI stream. It supports e.g. SDI (3G/HD/SD) - Embedding / deembedding, SDI audio group handling, Video delay to compensate audio processing latency and VANC metadata handling.
C8405SDI (3G/HD/SD)

Analog & Digital Audio Interfacing Solutions
The modular line’s audio analog and digital audio interface boards gives you a free choice of I/O configurations to meet your individual requirement. - Analog audio interfaces - Digital audio interfaces - Micophone interfaces - MADI interfaces
C8234 Microphone In
C8220 Analog I/O XLR
C8247 Analog Output (XLR)
C8306 MADI I/O (SC, optical)
C8305 MADI I/O (BNC)
C8188 AES/EBU (D-SUB25)
C8249 Analog Output (D-Sub15)
C8246 Analog Input (XLR)
C8248 Analog Input (D-Sub15)

Dolby® Solutions
The modular line’s Dolby® processing boards offer encoding and decoding capabilities for the following Dolby® formats: • Dolby® E • Dolby® D • Dolby® D+ • Dolby® Pro Logic II
C8611 Dolby® E encoder
C8612 Dolby® D/D+/AAC encoder
C8651 Dolby® Metadata
C8601 Dolby® D/D+/E decoder

Control & Sync
This section provides information about vital system elements to syncronize the system or to establish network connectivity for a web based configuratio tool.
C8702 Frame Controller
C8840 Sync interface
C8817 GPI/O interface

C8000 Frames
This section provides information about the system frames available. These frame differentiate in their physical and locical capacity.
C8912 C8000 Frame 1RU
C8922 C8000 Frame 3RU/76
C8932 C8000 Frame 3RU 76+64
C8934 C8000 Frame 3RU 64/76; 4 independend sync areas