LAWO mc²56 Mixing Console

Full mc² functionality in a small footprint.
With a resourceful engine under the hood, there’s plenty of power to handle any situation. It is easy to understand, and intuitive to operate. This is the mc²56. The console delivers performance, and is thus extremely suitable for everyday use. The mc²56 combines Lawo's German quality with stunning features, improved functions and clever innovations. For maximum performance — pure and easy.

From extra small to extra large: The mc²56’s five frame sizes.
The size of the task determines the size of the tool, and not vice-versa. Therefore, the mc²56 is available in five different frame sizes: for example, 16 faders for smaller outside broadcast vehicles or 80 faders for more complex challenges. With the mc²56, you can get the mixing console to meet your exact requirements, tailor-made. The console is extremely flexible.

Form follows function: The central control section.
Easy-to-reach user-buttons, large trackball buttons, touchscreen in the central GUI, fancy-looking illuminated rotary knobs – anyone who sits down with the mc²56 will want to get started immediately. And, thanks to many carefully thought-out details and clever features, the console is easy to understand and very intuitive to operate.

Other benefits
  • Permanent metering of the 16 central faders
  • More directly accessible parameters (e.g. all 6 dynamic parameters)
  • 9 individually assignable user buttons
  • Illuminated rotary knobs for an even better overview
  • Large trackball buttons
  • Improved snapshot operation thanks to more directly accessible buttons
  • Integrated RTW goniometer or user panel in the overbridge

With many new functions: The decentralised control section.
The decentralised control section is a sure-fire winner: the sensible layout of control elements, combined with a wealth of practical details, guarantee maximum efficiency even in demanding productions.

The main highlights
  • Button-glow for colour-coding the channel strips and enhancing user guidance even in low light conditions
  • Real 2-man operation with fully decentralized control of all parameters including bank and layer selection, EQ, dynamics and bus assignment
  • Expanded, simplified touch operation for intuitive working, such as VCA allocation, bus assignment, meter pickup/mode select and mix-minus configuration
  • User buttons in the channel strips can be changed as required, so that up to 12 parameters can be triggered using the 4 fader user buttons

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