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Front Porch Digital DIVAdirector

Full Control of Your Production Workflow
The best film directors deftly shift from skill-to-skill to make production hum smoothly on the set. Operators face similar challenges: You need to quickly call up the right actors, prepare them, and coordinate all the moving pieces while keeping in mind the vision for the overall project. Plus, there’s reacting swiftly and effectively when problems crop up.

DIVAdirector is a digital asset management system that gives you full control of the assets housed in DIVArchive via a familiar interface, so you can quickly locate, access and manage media. The advantages that DIVAdirector brings to support the many roles operators play include:

  • Seamless integration with editing and finishing services – Hand files off to AVID, Adobe, Harris and others to take advantage of the special capabilities those solutions offer
  • Proxy view and thumbnails – Instantly find clips to swiftly yet methodically work through your shot list
  • Time-code based partial restore – Focus on what you need now without wasting time and computing resources restoring data you’ll never use
  • Access control – Allow viewing by login credentials and tag content for a variety of purposes; restore or delete archived content as permitted
  • Scalability – As many as 100 users can be working simultaneously through the browser-based interface
  • Enhance metadata – Update, annotate or delete metadata as you see fit

DIVAdirector opens visibility into the entire production workflow. Plus, you can work from any networked location. With the power to import and export metadata from secondary sources (including SAMMA Migration Solutions) and enhance metadata as necessary, you’ll continually streamline file assess, processing and workflow extension.

You bring many skills to bear during production. Give yourself the control you need to make the most of them. The next step? DIVApublish, the tool that turns content you’ve managed into content you market.