Front Porch Digital DIVArchive

Accessibility Makes Archives Valuable
Preserving content is important but unless you can access and repurpose that content, you’ve essentially reduced its value to zero. Media companies and large enterprises live in highly competitive environments. These organizations are pressured to look for every cost-saving and revenue opportunity. Government agencies are not immune to these conditions. Doing more with less is a ubiquitous mantra inside and outside the public sector.

Digital technologies promise increased efficiencies and cost advantages, but keeping operator skills up to date, integrating and updating hardware and software and even safely storing and moving content through the network are all concerns.

Solving for these challenges is what inspired Front Porch Digital to design and continually enhance the world’s leading and most trusted digital asset content storage management system. DIVArchive revolutionizes digital archiving solutions with digital asset storage, access, management and production workflow.

Designed so that you can take advantage of the best MAM, non-linear editing and broadcast production products on the market, DIVArchive:
  • Creates higher efficiencies in your day-to-day workflow
  • Controls costs by allowing you to utilize off-the-shelf hardware configured to your requirement
  • Mitigates single points of failure to cut workflow interruption and speed problem resolution
  • Eliminates risk and enhances business continuity by configuring automatic redundant file creation
  • Connects every location to a central database and enables content workflow rule enforcement
  • Generates actionable metadata to improve quality control and project success
  • Integrates seamlessly with every workflow and production-enabling software and hardware tool
  • Automates the migration of content within the archives as storage technology changes

DIVArchive is the only Content Storage Management solution that provides bit-accurate checksums throughout the workflow. As a result, you can confidently move from point-to-point in the workflow, knowing that the content that comes out is precisely the same as what went in – only better, because it’s in multiple formats, can be managed with ease and is ready to be published on any platform.

Front Porch Digital bridges the chasm between content – whether it’s raw data in tape archives, legacy files in older digital formats, big data fueling enterprise decisions or surveillance footage from across the globe – and the diverse audience of content consumers. DIVArchive gives you the best of both worlds: efficient content preservation and new ways to monetize.