Grass Valley K2 Applications

Your Entire System, Working Together
Server Applications Your Entire System, Working Together A server is only as powerful as the applications you can run on it. With K2, you'll meet the demanding requirements of your broadcast and professional media environments. You'll seamlessly introduce editing integration, advanced content management, automatic file synchronization, automated time delay and a number of control applications into your server system.

K2 AppCenter Family
With AppCenter, controlling your K2 media clients just became easier than ever before — without having to switch between interfaces to do different production tasks. Now, channel control, configuration, clip management, media transfers and channel & system monitoring are all available in one place. AppCenter Pro delivers a wealth of additional media and management features. If you currently have AppCenter and want an upgrade, you can do this quickly and easily via a new software license. AppCenter Elite includes ChannelFlex for K2 Summit and K2 Solo servers as well as boosts the number of video streams each server can handle. If numbers are your thing, a 4-channel K2 Summit can deliver up to six camera feeds and have one channel for playout in Multicam mode.

Specifically designed for broadcast applications, EDIUS Elite delivers better editing and faster operations, opening up new possibilities for workgroup collaboration. With EDIUS Elite, you'll eliminate the need for conversions, processes and extra components, so you'll have quick-turn production in news and studio environments. Real-time, multitrack, mixed-format editing, compositing, chromakeying, titling and timeline output capabilities make EDIUS Elite the perfect solution for your file-based workflows.

K2/Avid Transfer Manager
With the K2/Avid Transfer Manager plug-in, you can easily push and pull files stored on a K2 server to and from an Avid editor or shared-storage device. With fast mirroring, streaming and up to four simultaneous transfers, you'll always keep up-to-speed and hit your deadlines.

K2 Final Cut Pro Connect
The K2 Final Cut Pro (FCP) Connect application allows for reliable integration with your K2 system and Grass Valley STRATUS nonlinear production tools with Apple FCP 7 NLEs Y.ou can edit-in-place and make easy file transfers between K2 storage and FCP 7. What's more, you can browse your K2 content without having to leave FCP 7, saving you valuable time. K2 FCP Connect provides FCP 7 with Quality of Service on a K2 SAN, which allocates bandwidth across all editors, eliminating the problem of one person slowing down the team.

K2 InSync Software
K2 InSync software gives you content replicated as part of an efficient redundancy strategy. Your servers will synchronize via automated and independent file transfers so you can carry on working without compromise. In some cases our InSync software can better utilize your hardware. For example, the InSync application lets you easily add a mirrored server to an environment where a server for ingest and playout is controlled automatically.

K2 TimeDelay
The K2 TimeDelay application provides a simple way to delay a feed to one, two or three different time zones. Or you can delay two feeds each to the same or different time zones.

K2 SiteConfig
K2 SiteConfig runs on a control point PC and is an outstanding application for remote network configuration of your K2 server and storage infrastructure. You can also reboot or shut down devices remotely which is convenient and gives you a greater degree of flexibility on the job. K2 SiteConfig lets you plan and design your server system before installing or cabling any devices. It's a standalone tool that lays the foundation for successful server configurations over a standard network.