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Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System

Variable Speed Replay System
The K2 Dyno Replay System is remarkably easy to learn and use. With a highly intuitive touchscreen interface, shuttle knob and Grass Valley T-bar, you'll find creating engaging replays and highlight packages a dream. Sharing content is effortless, based on the K2 media server infrastructure and increased content/metadata integration. And K2 Dyno's unique AnySpeed technology dynamically provides the smoothest playback at any speed from 0% to 200%.

Key Features
  • Affordable SD, HD, 3G, UHD/4K replay system for file-based live production
  • Utilizes K2 Summit 3G or K2 Solo 3G media servers:
  • Standard networking and storage connectivity for import/export
  • Built-in VGA multiviewer and SDI video monitoring
  • Up to 8 channels in a 2 RU K2 Summit 3G server
  • Intuitive, ergonomic, and easy-to-use controller:
  • Color touchscreen display and multicolor buttons
  • Precision control jog/shuttle knob
  • Highlight, marks, and multiple pause point creation
  • Separate name, tag, rating and in/out points for each clip angle
  • Integrated metadata through all production phases
  • Playlists with mix effect transitions per playout channel
  • Fast, real-time editing of playlists
  • Build to music or voiceovers using auxiliary audio tracks
  • L-cut feature extends audio or video transitions across joined clips in playlists
  • Playback speed, effects, and pause per clip
  • Built-in audio/video monitor tool
  • Audio level controls for clips and record/play channels
  • Simple editor integration with edit-in-place or file transfer of content
  • K2 Dyno Replay System content management provided by GV STRATUS nonlinear media production tools
  • Multiple K2 Dyno S Replay Systems can share resources either with ShareFlex peer-to-peer mode or with a K2 SAN

K2 Dyno Production Assistant (PA) software is a top quality content management system. If you're a creative working on live event production, you'll simply love this new member of your team. With K2 Dyno PA, virtually any number of ingest/replay channels and content destinations are yours for moving media where you need it most. You can build smart and savvy rules to automate content transfers so users can concentrate on critical and necessary creative production tasks during demanding live events.