Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G Transmission Client

4-Channel MPEG-2 and DV Format Playout Client
K2 Summit 3G Transmission clients are built for broadcast and distribution services using manual or traditional automation systems — with mission critical, 24/7/365 reliability. Each K2 Summit 3G Transmission client comes with two HD/SD bidirectional channels and two HD/SD playout channels to give you the configuration variety you need — including two record and two playout, to models with four playout channels. Plus you get built-in up/down/crossconversion capability with full AFD, so migrating from SD to HD is worry-free.

Key Features
  • Affordable SD/HD playout system for broadcasters
  • Compact 2 RU chassis with redundant power supplies
  • Up to 4 configurable channels, with two playout channels and two bidirectional channels (record or playout)
  • Play DV, MPEG formats back-to-back
  • Clients with direct external storage connection or shared storage connection to K2 SAN
  • Servers with eight 2 TB 7.2K SAS drives configured as RAID-10:
  • 1,100 hours at 12 Mb/s
  • 312 hours at 50 Mb/s
  • 156 hours at 100 Mb/s
  • Multiple SDI outputs per channel:
  • SDI on-air output
  • SDI moni
  • Quad split multiviewer with audio level meters, clip name, timecode burn-in, count down, and transport controls (part of K2 AppCenter Pro)
  • Built-in automatic up/down/crossconversion with aspect ratio conversion and full AFD support
  • Easy to service chassis from within the rack
  • Embedded OS on CompactFlash
  • Import/export supported formats as MXF OP1a, SMPTE 360M (GXF), or QuickTime
  • Comprehensive protocol support for control by wide range of automation and other applications
  • Channel control over RS-422 or Ethernet (with selected applications)
  • AppCenter-based Playlist Manager for simple playback options
  • QuickTime-compatible file system provides easy interfaces to NLE systems
  • Wide support from automation and media asset management suppliers