Grass Valley K2 Family

The Grass Valley™ K2 platform is a family of server, storage, and application products that can form the foundation of your facility's infrastructure.
Grass Valley built the most extensive and flexible line of media servers, storage and dedicated record/play devices in the industry. The K2 platform offers a unified infrastructure to acquire, manage, package and deliver content across a diverse range of broadcast media requirements and applications.

Production Servers
When you merge software technology with traditional hardware, you get the best media servers for broadcast and other media environments. K2 media servers are purpose-built devices that deliver 24/7/365 file-based infrastructure and high-performance file operations that run simultaneously, so you can fully optimize your environment with better workflows, and easily expand as needed. Backed by a proven track record of performance and scalability, K2's infrastructure has the highest bandwidth capability of any system in the industry. K2's proprietary Quality of Service algorithm guarantees that on-air channels never drop a frame of video, while simultaneously delivering consistent bandwidth for file transfers and editing operations.
K2 Summit 3G Production Client
K2 Solo 3G HD/SD Server

Transmission Servers (Clients)
K2 Summit 3G Transmission clients are built for broadcast and distribution services using manual or traditional automation systems — with mission critical, 24/7/365 reliability. Each K2 Summit 3G Transmission client comes with two HD/SD bidirectional channels and two HD/SD playout channels to give you the configuration variety you need — including two record and two playout, to models with four playout channels. Plus you get built-in up/down/crossconversion capability with full AFD, so migrating from SD to HD is worry-free.
K2 Summit 3G Transmission Client

With Grass Valley's K2 10G RAID Storage System, you'll fully optimize your media server system, significantly increase capacity and bandwidth, and cost-effectively support multiple online, nearline and standalone storage configurations. With SAS storage drives, 8 Gb/s Fiber Channel hardware RAID controllers, redundant connectivity, hot-swappable power supplies and high-performance bandwidth delivery, you'll have the highest scalable capacity and performance you want, with the bandwidth and redundancy you need.
K2 10G RAID Storage Systems

Server Applications
A server is only as powerful as the applications you can run on it. With K2, you'll meet the demanding requirements of your broadcast and professional media environments. You'll seamlessly introduce editing integration, advanced content management, automatic file synchronization, automated time delay and a number of control applications into your server system.
K2 AppCenter Family
K2/Avid Transfer Manager
K2 Final Cut Pro Connect
K2 InSync Software
K2 TimeDelay
K2 SiteConfig

Replay Systems
No one offers a more finely tuned replay system than Grass Valley. And no one matches our flexibility, with future-ready solutions that integrate and expand to meet your growing needs. Our K2 Dyno Replay System is an especially powerful and versatile solution for file-based, live production workflows. With streamlined processes, smooth variable speed output and the ability to work in parallel with third-party solutions, K2 Dyno is the ultimate replay system to add excitement and detail that will amaze your audience.
K2 Dyno Replay System
K2 Dyno Production Assistant