Grass Valley Concerto Routing Switcher

Highly Flexible, Multiformat Routing Switcher
Concerto Routing Switchers are a true multiformat solution designed for easy configuration and expansion. With a linearly scalable design, future growth is easy and cost-effective. In fact, it takes only a single board to change 32x32 to 64x64 configurations, and only four to reach a full 128x128 routing switcher solution. Concerto simplifies your transition from analog to digital with minimal components, advanced cooling features, and front-removable hot-swappable capabilities.

Key Features
  • Three frame choices:
  • 8 RU for 128x128 signal routing and Maestro control
  • 7 RU for 128x128 signal routing
  • 4 RU for 64x64 signal routing
  • Supports mixing and matching different signal types in the same frame:
  • Analog audio and video
  • SD, HD, and 3G digital video
  • AES/EBU digital audio
  • Timecode
  • Port (RS-422)
  • Single-module linear expansion in 32x32 increments up to 128x128
  • Optional TDM backbone for linear expansion of audio routing to 256x256
  • Integrated A/D and D/A conversion for audio with selectable processing for mono normal, mix, reverse, and dual left/right
  • Supported by all Grass Valley control systems
  • Front-accessible boards, modules, and fans for quick hot-swappable service and expansion
  • Sophisticated output monitoring for quality control and signal integrity analysis
  • Supports NetCentral and Broadlinx software for SNMP-based monitoring