Grass Valley ADVC G4 Sync Generator with Reference In

ADVC G-Series Family
The ADVC G4 is more than just a compact and robust sync generator. While most competitive products have only six outputs and restrictions on SD and HD signals, the ADVC G4 has nine outputs that can be individually controlled in groups of three. So three outputs can be SD, the other six can be HD, or vice versa. The ADVC G4 also includes a 48 kHz wordclock as well as a reference input, which allows it to be used as an extender when more than nine outputs are needed, or when an extension from the main system is necessary.

Key Features
  • Compact sync generator:
  • High-quality signals
  • Full format support
  • Customizable output:
  • Select SD or HD in groups of 3
  • Simultaneous SD and HD outputs
  • Feature-rich at an affordable price:
  • Reference in for extension
  • 48 kHz wordclock, DARS audio