SONY DXC-D55PK SD system camera

Three 2/3-inch Power HAD EX CCD sensor 4:3 SD system camera with lens

Top of the range professional digital camera

The new DXC-D55 system camera is an enhanced replacement for the DXC-D50. One of the best selling system cameras ever made. The main improvement is to the Analogue to Digital Converter. This is a key component that converts the Analogue video signal from the CCD, into digital form, for the signal processing that follows.

The DXC-D55 now has a 14 bit ADC, which provides 4 times the conversion resolution of its predecessor. The increased bit depth brings improved resolution, transparency and stability to the camera output and an overall level of performance not seen at this price point before, especially as the prices for equivalent system packages have not been changed.

The DXC-D55 is available as a 4:3 only model - DXC-D55P and a switch-able 16:9 and 4:3 model - DXC-D55WSP. All system components and accessories remain available and compatible.