SONY DXC-990P Colour Video Camera

3 CCD K-mount colour video camera

With so many functions, the DXC-990/990P is the perfect choice for a variety of applications

The DXC-990P is a 1/2" type DSP 3-CCD colour video camera which incorporates Exwave™HAD technology - a new Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F11 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies. Using a K Mount lens and providing resolution of 850 TVL and a high S/N ratio of 63 dB, the DXC-990P is ideal for machine vision, industrial microscopy, digital photography, portrait proofing, webcasting, amusement rides, point of view (i.e., sports shooting,) and scientific image capture applications. The DXC-990P features DynaLatitude, Digital Detail, Partial Enhance and Color Shading Compensation functions which are useful for microscopy applications.

  • Superior picture quality -1/2 type Exwave™HAD TM Technology-

    The DXC-990/P/MD incorporate newly developed three 1/2 type IT CCD sensors using Exwave™HAD technology with 380,000/ 440,000 effective picture elements. Exwave means Extended Wavelength response, but other features of this sensor are more sensitivity and dramatic low smear inheriting the conventional CCD technology.

  • K - Bayonet Mount and Flange Back Adjustment:

    Offers choice of many available lenses and allows synchronisation of eye piece focus to camera image

  • Digital Signal Processor

    The DXC-990/P/MD includes a 10bit Digital Signal Processor LSI technology that delivers one of the best picture performances in the industry. The new DSP technology brings high stability and reliability, plus a lot of following new advanced functions such as DynaLatitude and Partial Enhance.

  • RPN compensation

    A CCD image sensor consists of an array of individual picture elements (pixels). A malfunctioning sensor element will show up as a RPN(Residual Point Noise) in the image. The phenomena may appear on the monitor screen while using the DXC-990/P/MD colour video camera. This phenomenon stems from the high sensitivity of the CCD image sensors, and do not indicate a fault within the camera. However, some RPN level may not be accepted by particular application such as high gain mode. So the DXC-990/P/MD camera has a RPN compensation circuit, which use a new IC for compensating RPN electrically. However, this function dose not means perfect compensation.

  • Abundant electronic shutter function

    The DXC-990/ P/MD employs several unique functions using the electronic shutter.
    a) Electronic shutter speed up to 1/100,000sec
    The DXC-990/ P/MD feature a variable speed electronic shutter built into the CCD imager, making it possible to capture blur-free, clear pictures of high speed moving objects.
    b) Long term exposure
    In addition to the high-speed shutter, the shutter speed can be manually selected from 1 to 14 frames (field mode) or 2 to 15 frames (frame mode) in 1-frame steps or from 0.1 to 0.5sec. as long term exposure mode.
    c) Clear Scan
    Clear Scan function eliminates the horizontal bands across the display screen appearing when shooting the computer display. This is caused by the different scanning frequency between videos and computers.
    d) CCD IRIS
    The CCD IRIS will automatically reduce the sensitivity of the camera by using the CCD electronic shutter function for a range of equivalent to 10 F stops (1/1024 times) when the level of incident light exceeds the auto iris adjustment range.

  • Colour shading compensation

    The colour shading compensation function is very useful, when combined with microscopy adapters, especially.
    Colour shading might occur on the TV monitor due to performance of TV lenses or optical adapters. By adjusting the volume on the screen menu, the colour shading is electronically compensated.

  • Enhanced functions: Strobe, Hyper gain, WEN, HD/VD output, RGB sync

    a) Strobe function
    The DXC-990/P/MD has strobe function like “Slave” mode of DXC-950 series, the camera synchronises with the timing of external trigger and they can output full frame image. When the video equipment is used in printing inspection or photo proof application, this function is useful for system integrators because build-up their system easily.
    b) Hyper Gain
    Hyper Gain means the electrical video gain, +30dB. This function is a convenient for shooting under extremely low-light situations.
    c) WEN, HD/VD output
    The DXC-990/P/MD can output WEN pulse and HD/VD signals.
    The WEN pulse is available to connect a frame grabber board or the UP-50/P, colour video printer for Strobe function and Long Term Exposure function. Use of the WEN pulse allows you to capture full-frame still images easily.
    And HD/VD signals are useful, when using a frame grabber board.
    d) RGB sync
    The DXC-990/P/MD have a mode that a sync signal is added not only for Green but also for each RGB output. This new function is convenient for inspection by each colour.

  • Full control of functions

    The optional Camera adapter CMA-D3 / CE allows to remote control the functions of the camera up to 100 meters.
    The DXC-990/P/MD is equipped with an RS-232C interface, which allows the camera to be remotely controlled from external equipment such as personal computer. We open the protocol for the DXC-990/P/MD to the public.

  • AE function (User defined light metering area, Selectable AE speed, Wide range)

    The Auto Exposure is a very useful function, which controls the brightness automatically. The DXC-990/P/MD offers proper picture exposure even if incoming light exceeds the range of automatic iris control, by using exposure control in combination with Auto Iris, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and CCD-IRIS (the application of variable shutter speeds).