SONY BZMD-1000 ImageCore HD video recording and documentation

Touch screen operated, HD video recording and DICOM documentation solution.

ImageCoreHD is a state of the art solution for multi-purpose recording of surgical procedures. Offering the industry's widest range of video inputs, ImageCoreHD supports the majority of surgical imaging devices. Simultaneously supporting native file formats and the DICOM standard, ImageCoreHD is a future proof investment that can support advanced video documentation with or without a PACS network infrastructure.

This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle-free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business.

Easy and intuitive to use with no need for a keyboard or mouse. Thanks to the built in touch-screen, all staff can quickly and easily access the powerful functionality of the ImageCoreHD without the need for extensive training.

Future proof investment supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM workflows - Surgical procedures can be recorded either as DICOM compliant patient studies or as collections of native MPEG and JPEG files depending on the prevalent network facilities and workflow preferences. As a result ImageCoreHD can be installed before PACS is implemented. And even when PACS is present, the non-DICOM functionality supports a wider range of workflows to meet the varied needs of individual users.

Capture and share surgical procedures in full HD resolution and create the maximum impact. Full HD resolution video recording (for non-DICOM applications only) is supported, allowing surgeons to capture and repurpose high quality footage with ease.

Take away HD footage and DICOM studies in the most suitable format. Multi-format removable media outputs allow the export of DICOM or native file (inc HD video) studies on blu-ray, DVD, CD and USB memory, whichever is most suitable for the user.

Move swiftly from procedure to presentation with direct PowerPoint export. The automated production of ready to use presentation, containing complete study contents - video or still in SD or HD, allows surgeons to quickly move in to presentation mode with minimal hassle.

Easy and intuitive to use without the need for extensive training.

Parallel DICOM and non-DICOM workflows - ImageCoreHD can transfer studies as either DICOM files, for integration with PACS, or as native MPEG and JPEG files across common networks.

Full HD recording - Capture your actions with full HD resolution and repurpose with ease.

Large built-in hard drive - Large HD studies are no problem for ImageCoreHD with its sizeable built-in hard drive. Don't forget to back-up your studies on the network for extra security though.