SONY UPB-C10 Compact printable DVD disc drive

All-in-one data writing and label printing

The UPB-C10 supports both data writing and label printing in a small, 5.25-inch bay-sized unit. Users do not need a separate disc writer and label printer. There is also no need to turn discs over during the production process. The unit works with UPV-50SDR thermal label disc media.

Fully integrated hassle-free production

UPB Management Software allows the unit to be easily integrated with the user’s application or host system. Incorporating high-speed direct thermal printing technology, the unit delivers finished discs with a minimum of hassle.

5UPB-C10 five-unit package:
Designed for manufacturers and integrators, the UPB-C10 is conveniently sold with five units in a single box as 5UPB-C10/B (with black face plate) and 5UPB-C10/W (with white face plate).


Data writing and label printing in one - The UPB-C10 supports both data writing and label printing in a single unit. It is not necessary to have a separate disc writer and label printer.

Error-free seamless production - The process of data writing and label printing is seamlessly controlled by dedicated UPB Management Software running on a host device, preventing errors that can occur with a manual process, such as data mismatch or incorrect labelling.

Compact 5.25-inch bay-size body - All of the useful functions of the UPB-C10 are packed in small single height 5.25-inch bay-size unit – a size that is commonly used for computer peripherals.

Maintenance-free dry process - The UPB-C10 incorporates direct thermal printing technology, which means users don’t have to worry about replacing consumables. This allows for predictable costs because users don’t have to buy additional cartridges or ribbons. Also, since this is a dry process, discs can be delivered and used immediately after printing is completed.

High-speed printing - Labels can be printed with a remarkable print speed of approximately 30 seconds per disc.

Full integration of UPB Management Software with host system - The supplied UPB Management Software package allows users to reliably and easily create labelled data discs from their preferred PC or other host device. Once the users’s application software has been linked to the UPB Management Software by saving job files into a shared folder, the supplied UPB Management Software controls both data writing via Serial ATA and label printing via USB as a single job.

Variable information (such as the patient information and date of disc creation) can be specified in advance and automatically printed on the disc.