SONY UP-990AD Hybrid Graphic Printer

The UP-990AD, the successor to the UP-980, is designed to handle both analog and digital signal input. It is ideal for medical applications such as C-arm and ultrasound.

Accepting both analog and digital signal input - The UP-970AD/990AD can receive both analog and digital signals, which allows it to support both types of C-arm system. This makes it ideal for today's transitional stage from analog to digital C-arm applications.

Superb print quality - Incorporating Sony direct thermal-printing technology, the UP-970AD/990AD provides photo-like prints with a high resolution of approximately 325 dpi, which is double the density of predecessor models, UP-960/980.
High-speed printing - The UP-970AD/990AD offers an impressive printing time of approximately 8 seconds per page, making it ideal for time-critical medical applications.

Compact design - The UP-970AD/990AD has a compact design with dimensions of approximately 316 (W) x 132.5 (H) x 305 (D) mm (12 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 12 1/8 inches), which is exactly the same size as predecessor models. This compact body enables it to fit easily into mobile C-arm carts.

Superior operability - All the operation keys of the UP-970AD/990AD are located on its front panel. This front operation offers easy setup and flexible maintenance when the printer is installed on the cart. In addition, a volume knob on the front panel allows easy adjustment of both contrast and brightness.

Automatic detection of paper or film - In case a user inserts film to the printer but the menu setting is paper, an error message will appear on the LCD panel to remind the user to apply the appropriate kind of media.

Blue transparent film - With the UP-990AD, images can also be printed on blue transparent film, which can then be used as reference images for the diagnostics.

Automatic media-cutting function - When printing has finished on the UP-990AD, the printed paper or film is automatically cut by the media-cutting function.

Multiple print modes - As well as printing out a single image, the UP-970AD/990AD can also provide two, four, and six split images in one sheet.