Grass Valley Video Conversion

Multipurpose Digital Video Converters
With four models to choose from, the affordable and compact ADVC G-Series of multipurpose digital video converters are housed in a practical and compact 1/3 RU form factor and are designed to tackle a variety of different A/V tasks, from events and staging to corporate AV centers to broadcast display applications.

All ADVC G-Series converters include a frame synchronizer (FS) and full format support. The ADVC G1 and G2 include scaling features, the ADVC G3 includes multiplexing features, while the ADVC G4 offers nine outputs along with a robust sync generator.

ADVC G-Series
ADVC G1: Any In to SDI Multifunctional Converter/Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer
ADVC G2: HDMI & SDI to Analog & SDI Multifunctional Converter/Downconverter with Frame Synchronizer
ADVC G3: 2X SDI to HDMI Converter/Multiplexer with 3D Support
ADVC G4: Sync Generator with Reference In

High Quality Professional Video Conversion
Grass Valley media converters employ the innovative Grass Valley DV codec to provide the industry's best picture-quality preservation during analog-to-DV conversion. As standalone units or connected to a computer, all ADVC professional family products are NTSC and PAL compatible and feature broad integration with video equipment and software with intelligent input/output selection incorporating automatic signal detection.

ADVC Professional Family
The ADVC55 connects VHS, Hi8 and other analog video equipment to a DV camera, deck, or editing system.
The ADVC110 connects all analog and digital video cameras, decks and editing systems and converts video bidirectionally.
The ACEDVio card is the only OHCI analog and DV editing card compatible with multiple video editing applications.

ADVC HD Family
The ADVC-HD50 provides instant conversion of uncompressed HD video and audio from HDMI devices to the HDV format — with output to your nonlinear editor. Featuring a sleek, portable design it requires no drivers or software to set up, and is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.