Grass Valley HDSPARK Video Editing Hardware

Real-Time Editing With HDMI Output
HDSPARK is the ideal cost-effective solution for tapeless editing or working in your file-based, networked environment. HDSPARK's embedded HDMI audio and separate stereo RCA jacks give you the ability to preview full-resolution projects in real-time, using affordable HDMI monitors. HDSPARK comes with a full version of EDIUS Pro 7 nonlinear editing software (a standalone version is also available).

Key Features
  • HDMI output for full-resolution, real-time monitoring from EDIUS NLE software (EDIUS not included with standalone model)
  • Embedded HDMI audio output and separate RCA jacks for high-quality audio monitoring
  • Video and audio output stays perfectly in sync with editing windows for accurate editing and trimming
  • Edit any mix of SD and HD resolution video content together in real time
  • Works with many different native video formats, including DV, HDV, AVCHD, uncompressed and more
  • Real-time SD/HD resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate conversion and output — including 16:9 to 4:3 and NTSC to PAL
  • New GPU-accelerated 3D transitions
  • Real-time editing performance increases as CPU power increases

Note: Some of the features above are available only with EDIUS Pro 7, which is not included in the standalone version of HDSPARK.

Note: For Windows 8/8.1 use with EDIUS Pro 7, EDIUS v7.21b1530 update is required. For Windows 8/8.1 use with EDIUS Neo 3.5, Neo 3.55b3480 update is required.