Grass Valley Camera Accessories

Outfit your working environment with these LDX Series and LDK accessories
Camera Accessories Accessories Make the Camera From viewfinders, SuperXpander kits for large lenses, teleprompters and high-resolution viewfinders to lighted script boards, rain covers and universal transport cases, Grass Valley LDX Series and LDK camera accessories are specifically designed to enhance the operation of your cameras and make your camera operators happy.

EyeCatcher 744 7.4-Inch HD OLED Color Viewfinder - Compact Viewfinder for LDX Series and LDK Cameras
The OLED technology of the EyeCatcher 744 combines the benefits of traditional black and white CRT viewfinders with the magnificent color reproduction of today to meet the performance needs for the most demanding of live action applications. It's the perfect match for the LDX Series, LDK 3000, LDK 3000+, LDK 4000 mk II, LDK 4000 Elite, LDK 8000, LDK 8000 Elite and LDK 8300 cameras.

EyeCatcher EC 270 - 2.7-inch Color LCD Ocular Viewfinder
Grass Valley's high performance color LCD ocular viewfinder, the EyeCatcher EC 270, was specifically designed for LDK and LDX Series camera systems to catch the most minute aspects of every shot with superior performance and high-speed response time.

2-Inch CRT Viewfinder (LDK 5302/60)
This 2-inch black and white viewfinder delivers powerful performance for both LDX Series and LDK HD cameras. The LDK 5302/60 comes with feature rich options like the high-definition CRT viewfinder with its magical focus assist and zoom functionality, and a wide angle eyepiece for when you're using your camera in the hand-held position.

7-Inch HD LCD Viewfinder (LDK 5307)
The LDK 5307 is a high-quality flat panel LCD viewfinder designed to work with LDX Series and LDK HD cameras. The LDK 5307 is suited to indoor and outdoor applications with a fast refresh rate and high brightness and contrast. You can even adjust the color temperature of the display without any effect on the main video signal.

LDK 5309/10 9-Inch LCD Viewfinder
The LDK 5309/10 9-inch HD color viewfinder is the perfect match for the LDX cameras. Its size and very flexible mounting bracket make it ideal for use with a SuperXpander large lens adapter as well as in EFP configurations. Included are rotary controls for brightness, contrast and peaking settings, and another trio at the front bezel which can be user-assigned. You can even adjust the color temperature of the display without any effect on the main video signal.

LDK 5021 Rain Cover
Weather shouldn't affect your productions. When rain is in the forecast, be prepared with the LDK 5021 rain cover for LDX Series and LDX cameras.

RefleX SuperXpander Kit
The RefleX SuperXpander Kit acts as a large lens adapter to turn your handheld camera into a studio/field production system. You can also mount or release the camera from the housing quickly so you can switch between pedestal, large lens, and handheld applications working with an EFP style lens.