Grass Valley Camera Control

Complete Camera Control
When you work with Grass Valley hardware and software, you'll have complete control of your cameras at your fingertips. From individual cameras, to multicamera Ethernet-based networked controlling camera functionality from the Grass Valley Kayenne and Karrera Video Production Center switchers or other systems, Grass Valley camera control solutions put you in charge.

C2IP Camera Control System - Flexible Ethernet Camera Control
When you use the C2IP (Camera Control Over IP Network) camera control system, you'll allocate a single engineer to live productions that require multiple cameras. You'll be able to expanded your capabilities, including a web-based interface and standard IP networking for live and multicamera productions. You'll have Ethernet-based control of up to 99 cameras, and support for all of your digital Grass Valley LDK and LDX Series cameras (including LDX Compact).

MCP 450 - Master Control PC
The MCP 450's centralized camera control and health monitoring allow you to get more done in less time. Interpret and log all your network activity between cameras and control panels. Efficient data-gathering capabilities, and a spreadsheet-like interface, you'll review all camera settings and make across-the-board or camera-by-camera adjustments. The save and share camera and production capabilities allow you to take advantage of standard USB storage media — just save, email and upload settings from one event or venue to the next.

OCP 400 - LDX Series and LDK Camera Family Operational Control Panel
The OCP 400 camera control panel is one of the smallest available, and works with any LDX Series, LDX Compact or LDK camera. Everything you need is packed into the OCP 400 operational control panel, including variable matrix control, fine skin-detail adjustments and installation adjustments. You'll have easy access to all levels of operational and technical parameters, and the ability to store preferred settings of any LDX Series or LDK camera.

Connect Gateway - Gateway Between C2IP Camera Control Network and a Public Ethernet-based Network
The XML-based Connect Gateway operates as an independent platform that can simultaneously access the C2IP camera control network and a public network without compromising operational control of the cameras. By opening up control of high-performance cameras to external systems, your operators and facilities will develop more efficient studio workflows, so you'll increase productivity, and boost ROI. Connect Gateway is an XML-based platform, allowing any systems integrator to write user-specific camera control applications.