Riedel Audio Solutions - RockNet 100

Digital Snake & Audio Network Solution
RockNet 100 is a flexible, digital snake solution and a cost-effective way to enter the world of RockNet digital audio networks.Based on the renowned RockNet 300 technology, RockNet 100 provides 80 audio channels with the same digital audio quality and ease of use.

With Riedel RockNet 100, simplicity and reliability meet flexibility and performance. RockNet can be set up within minutes without a computer. Its technology and user interface is designed for real-world live sound applications. No Ethernet, no IP, no fuss. The system is auto-addressing and can be easily configured via the front- panel or – additionally – via the intuitive RockWorks software.

  • Superb audio quality: increase your console's dynamic range to 114 dB by adding RockNet's high-quality pre-amps
  • Digital signal path: no ground loops, RF interference or signal degradation
  • Real plug&play set-up: easy configuration directly at the device or via software
  • Independent Gain: unlimited lossless digital splits
  • Mixing console integration: remote controllable pre-amps
  • Expandable: operate up to 99 modules in one single network
  • Compact & ruggedized: designed for heavy duty road use

Audio Interfaces
RN.101.IO Microphone Preamp / Line In- & Output
The RN.101.IO provides 16 line/microphone input (with 48V phantom power) and 8 line output channels on XLR connectors. The circuit design is optimized to maximize audio quality. The mic pres are similar to the highly acclaimed 300 series preamps.
RN.102.IO Line Output & Microphone Preamp/Line Input
The RN.102.IO provides 16 output channels and 8 line/microphone input (with 48V phantom power) on XLR connectors. The circuit design is optimized to maximize audio quality.

Console Interfaces
RN.141.MY Yamaha Console Interface
The RN.141.MY card fits into a single MY card expansion slot of various Yamaha products and gives access to 16 in- and 16 output channels. A word clock in- and output is available to the host product via the backplane connector. By using the RN.141.MY the respective Yamaha product becomes a part of the RockNet network. Remote control is supported by either a 9-pin connector or via the backplane (for LS9 consoles).