Riedel Fiber Solution - MediorNet Modular System

MediorNet is based on a modular concept, which allows the frame to be configured to the customer’s requirements. The frame can be filled with various Media and Link cards, according to the specific application.

Each mainframe provides:
1x slot for the processing card
6x high-speed card slots (four with a 2x 4.25 GBit/s and two with a 4x 4.25 GBit/s connection to the backplane, designed for high data rate signals such as video signals or CWDM link cards)
2x low-speed card slots (each one with 2x 125 MBit/s connection to the backplane, designed for low data rate signals such as audio signals)

All modules and cards are hot-swappable. Redundant power-supplies guarantee maximum reliability. The optimized cooling concept of MediorNet results in a very low-noise system. The horizontal air-flow within the device allows for effective cooling without the need for addi