Riedel Intercom Solutions

ARTIST - The Advanced Communications Platform

Artist is a highly modular concept driving modern intercom demands. It is designed as a powerful matrix platform for intercom and the distribution of analog audio, digital audio and Ethernet data signals. The system consists of a fiber based network backbone providing a decentralised infrastructure for live audio and intercom applications.
Artist is a digital matrix intercom system providing up to 1,024 x 1,024 non-blocking ports per system. The system is based on a dual optical fiber ring to form a single large, full summing, non- blocking distributed matrix. The system still “feels” like a single unit: it is completely non-blocking and has no limitations in the number of cross-points within or between the different nodes of the system.
The maximum distance between two nodes can be up to 500 m (1650 ft) as standard, and optionally up to 20 km (12 miles). With up to 128 intercom ports per matrix frame, Artist allows a high degree of decentralisation of the entire matrix in a very cost- effective way. As a result the matrix frames can be located near the intercom stations of a specific studio or production facility, saving a considerable amount of wiring and installation costs.

Performance theatre
Convention and event centres
Stadium, theme parks
Transportation facilities

Key Benefits
Distributed masterless system architecture significantly reduces wiring and installation costs
Artist‘s flexibility allows versatile usage and quick adaption to new production needs
The system‘s scaleability and expandability makes Artist a secure long-term investment
The easy and intuitive programming reduces training and service time while providing increased flexibility
German engineering and quality manufacturing

PERFORMER - The Digital Partyline Experience

The Performer Series provides the world’s first digital partyline intercom system, providing 2 and 4-channel master stations, rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop speaker stations as well as call light indicators and 2-channel beltpack headset stations. In addition to pure partyline applications the C44 system interface makes the Performer series the first fully integrated ‘digital’ solution for combined digital matrix and partyline intercom. The Performer product line is completed by the Performer 32 digital intercom matrix/stage management system, which is aligned for the requirements of stand-alone broadcast applications, opera houses and theatres as well as sports and cultural events.
High quality digital audio: no noise, no hum
Fully digital: audio, DSP, controls
Perfect side tone-nulling
Remote Mic-Kill
2-channel intercom operation plus additional program sound on standard XLR microphone cables
Real plug-and-play installation

ACROBAT - Digital Wireless Intercom Unlimited

The Riedel Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom system is an easy to use full-duplex communications solution for broadcast, security, industrial and theatre applications as well as sports and cultural events. Acrobat takes a completely new approach to wireless communications, pushing it beyond the limits of existing wireless intercom solutions.

Riedel Communications’ Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom solution utilises the benefits of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard’s base layer. This provides a license-free, cellular architecture with seamless hand-over between cells, allowing each Acrobat Wireless Beltpack to continuously monitor and automatically select the best connection to the Acrobat Cell Controller. Utilising the DECT platform, Riedel has advanced the technology to deliver a highly flexible wireless intercom solution that really reflects the market’s needs.
Wireless partyline and point-to-point communications
Up to 60/100 individually adressable Wireless Control Panels/Beltpacks (CC-60/CC-120)
Up to 18 Wireless Partylines (CC-8)
VoIP-over-DECT technology* (worldwide license-free)
Cellular architecture with seamless hand-over
Enhanced Sync Automation (ESA)
No interference with radio microphones, In Ear Monitoring (IEM) or other UHF systems