Riedel ARTIST Director - Intuitive Configuration Software

Access, set-up and control of any aspect of an Artist system consisting of hundreds of intercom ports on multiple nodes is achieved using the comfortable and intuitive Director configuration software.

Director provides the facilities, look and feel associated with using most Windows software products so that the basic navigation, location and operation of the standard features are familiar. It’s not only easy to learn but also extremely convenient in its use. Configurations are easily edited by drag-and-drop. Programmable logic functions provide the possibility to handle even complex production requirements with ease while free definable markers allow you a customised control of the system. With the Audio Patch function all internal routing and DSP aspects of any control panel of an Artist system can be configured and saved remotely reducing a considerable amount of time in set-up and service of the system.

Director Features
Intuitive user interface
Easy to learn and use
Drag-and-drop configurations
Real-time status of the entire system
Multiple PC access with user level control
Configurations are stored in the matrix
Remote control
Real-time cross point view
Audio patches
Route audio command
Programmable logic functions
Free definable markers