Grass Valley Monitoring & Diagnostic

Ultimate Control for Analysis and Prediction
Routing system monitoring is critical in today's 24/7 media landscape. You can't afford errors, and Grass Valley monitoring and diagnostics solutions help you to spot small issues before they become large errors — and can even help you predict when things might go wrong.

  • iControl Audio-Video Fingerprints
  • iControl Edge
  • iControl Headend
  • iControl Incoming Feeds
  • iControl Loudness Monitoring
  • iControl SNMP
  • iControl Playout
  • iControl Remote Station Monitoring
  • EdgeVision
  • Kaleido Solo

iControl Audio-Video Fingerprints - Lip Sync Error Detection, Audio/Video Delay Measurement and Content Mismatch Alarm
iControl Audio/Video Fingerprint Analysis allow detection and measurement of lip sync errors as well as alarming on unexpected signal delays and audio/video content mismatches. Audio/Video Fingerprints can be used to complement multichannel playout monitoring, remote signal monitoring and most system configurations supported by iControl.

iControl Edge - Advanced, Highly Automated Quality of Experience Monitoring
iControl Edge offers advanced Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring for pay TV operators, using highly automated set-top box signal monitoring. The system can incorporate a wide array of advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception and macro-block detection. Alarms are configurable on a channel-by-channel basis with trigger recording to speed diagnosis.

iControl Headend - End-to-End, Video Signal Path and QoE Monitoring
iControl Headend provides advanced end-to-end video signal path and QoE monitoring for pay TV operators. It monitors thousands of channels and devices, using rich graphical representations of the signal path and intelligent alarms management. Monitoring by Exception allows the provider to focus on specific areas that require attention. Its ability to correlate, verify and visualize channel delivery and performance enables service providers to be proactive in delivering quality service while reducing Mean Time to Repair.

iControl Incoming Feeds - Simplified, Schedule-Aware Control and Monitoring of Incoming Feeds
iControl Incoming Feeds optimizes workflows for QC operators, and minimizes the risks of on-air errors by integrating the incoming feeds schedule with simplified control of the routing and processing infrastructure. It's ideal for news, sports and other types of live programming which require large numbers of video feeds to be properly aggregated, and processed to house format, before they are forwarded to ingest servers, or made available to live productions.

iControl Loudness Monitoring - Aggregation and Analysis of Loudness Data Over Network
iControl Loudness Monitoring stores loudness data collected across various signal distribution networks. It enables broadcasters and pay-TV operators to guarantee end-user Quality of Experience while remaining compliant with loudness legislation around the world, including the CALM Act (U.S.). Leveraging segment information provided by iTX or any third-party automation system, loudness data can be plotted in a meaningful way, enabling rapid troubleshooting and identification of problematic sequences. The application generates complete reports for compliance purposes.

iControl SNMP - Monitoring and Control of All Key Elements using iControl SNMP
iControl SNMP for iControl Web simplifies SNMP monitoring and control across multiple signal formats and platforms over an entire network. iControl offers one of the most extensive libraries of SNMP drivers in the industry, and this library is continuously being expanded. It ranges from routing switchers to receivers, and from signal analyzers to encoders. The iControl SNMP Driver Creator allows any user to create his own SNMP drivers for iControl.

iControl Playout - Multichannel Television Playout Monitoring
A highly adapted, efficient playout monitoring package for broadcasters and specialty channel providers, iControl Playout enables operators to manage more channels while saving on operating costs. It works with a wide array of advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception, and provides sophisticated electronic probing with macroblock detection, lip sync error and content mismatch detection using video/audio fingerprints.

iControl Remote Station Monitoring - Centralized, Remote Station Monitoring System
Designed for centralized station control and monitoring, iControl Remote Station Monitoring lowers operating costs for station groups and national broadcasters. It provides a high quality multiviewer of selected station signals, with audible audio and detailed signal status information. Leveraging multiple advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception, it allows broadcasters to streamline their operations while ensuring optimal performance of their multiple on-air transmissions.

GV GUARDIAN - Remote Monitoring Application
GV GUARDIAN alleviates the biggest risk factor facing broadcasters today — the possibility of on-air failure—while it tackles the challenges associated with staffing, system management and problem mitigation. With GV GUARDIAN, proactivity is easy and problem resolution is fast, precise, and complete.

AXINO - Multiprogram IP Transport Stream Loudness Processor
AXINO is an EBU R128 and A/85 loudness monitoring device that can effectively identify potential loudness variations directly from compressed TV channels. The embedded loudness analyzer eases the review process of potential loudness excursions and helps quickly identify and report loudness problems. When faulty channels are identified, the internal real-time loudness processor can be selectively enabled to correct both channel-to-channel and program-to-interstitial loudness issues. For instance, the built-in automatic loudness control (ALC) can eliminate excessive loud commercial advertisements.

EdgeVision - Multichannel Quality of Experience Monitoring
EdgeVision offers richly featured, Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring across an entire network for satellite/cable/IPTV operators and broadcasters, using high performance video/audio streaming and extensive signal probing. By remotely monitoring signals received at set-top boxes, it allows operators to accurately see and hear the quality of signals received in viewers' homes.

Kaleido-Solo - High-Quality Video and Loudness Monitoring with 3G/HD/SD SDI to HDMI Conversion
Kaleido-Solo is a compact, standalone 3G/HD/SD SDI video to HDMI converter that enables the use of low-cost LCD displays for video and loudness/dialnorm monitoring. Ideal for many professional monitoring applications, including production, mobile truck, post-production and broadcast, Kaleido-Solo eliminates the cost and complexity of a traditional loudness monitoring device.