Grass Valley Kaleido multiviewers

Unmatched Picture Quality and Layout Flexibility
Grass Valley’s Kaleido family of multiviewers is simply the best the industry has to offer. Whether you need a single-site or enterprise-wide monitoring solution, you’ll get the finest picture quality, the ultimate in layout flexibility and exceptional resilience.

Every Kaleido multiviewer is designed to expand and interoperate seamlessly into any workflow, saving you space and lowering overall costs. Plus, the common control systems, display layout tools and extensive router integration can help you streamline workflows and simplify operations.

For Trinix NXT owners, the integrated Trinix NXT Multiviewer is the perfect solution to add multiviewing capabilities to your operation.

Standalone Multiviewers - Making Monitoring Easier
The ability to see more than one source on one screen is invaluable in monitoring, especially in space-constrained control rooms or trucks. Grass Valley standalone multiviewers mean that you can easily turn a single screen into multiple virtual screens.
Kaleido-Solo High-Quality Video and Loudness Monitoring with 3G/HD/SD SDI to HDMI Conversion
Kaleido-XQUAD Simplified Standalone Quad-Split Multiviewer with Dual Quad-Split Upgrade Capability

Modular Multiviewers - Space Saving, Custom-Sized Multiviewers
When space is at a premium, Grass Valley delivers the most dense quad-split multiviewer available, Kaleido-Modular, with up to 20 multiviewer outputs per 3 RU frame.
Kaleido-Modular Space Saving, Single and Dual Quad-Split Multiviewer (4x1 / 8x2)
Kaleido-Modular-X High Picture Count, Ultra-Flexible and Scalable Multiviewer (up to 64x4)

Integrated Multiviewers - Seamless Router-Multiviewer Integration
Through tight interfaces with Grass Valley's NVISION and third-party routers, Kaleido multiviewers can expand readily to create the very largest monitoring systems, with up to 1,152 SDI inputs and 288 multiviewer outputs. This expansion is achieved while maintaining picture quality and unlimited layout flexibility. For Trinix NXT routers, the multiviewer card fits right into the frame.
Kaleido-MX High Quality, Pre-Configured Multiviewer (up to 64x4)
Kaleido-X High Picture Count Multiviewer with Advanced Alarming)
Kaleido-X16 Super-silent, 16 Input, Dual Output Multiviewers
Trinix NXT Multiviewer Integrated Multiviewer

IP Multiviewers
The future is here: The Kaleido-IP Video Multiviewer delivers superior layout flexibility and the most simultaneous video and audio program decodes in the industry. Kaleido-IP gives you more ways to monitor and view local and remote IP multicast streams. It also integrates easily with other Kaleido multiviewers for seamless operation across multiple monitors, so you can easily tackle large monitoring projects.
Kaleido-IP High Quality IP Video Multiviewers (48x2 / 128x2)