Grass Valley Vertigo XG

Advanced HD/SD graphics processor
The Vertigo XG processor is ideal for the most advanced, data-driven channel branding and promo graphics, including in-show promos and program junction promos. This single/dual channel graphics processor has the processing performance for dynamic and prerendered graphics. It provides multilevel character generation, animation/still and clip playout, as well as dual DVEs and audio mixing. An optional Twitter graphics and channel branding solution is available for U.S. customers for enhanced viewer interaction with programming.

Multilevel character generation
  • A powerful, HD/SD character generator allows the playout of virtually unlimited layers of animated and dynamically updated text
  • SD output as NTSC or PAL, HD output as 1080i, 720p or 480p
  • VANC + VBI extraction processing and insertion, or VAnc/VBI pass-through

Clips, animations and stills
  • Storage for up to 400 hours of video/audio clips, with simultaneous playout of multiple clips
  • Playout of an almost unlimited number of layers of animated and still graphics for the most advanced branding and promotional effects
  • Integration with Vertigo Suite for productive graphics workflows

Strong data interfacing
  • When combined with the Vertigo Suite graphics automation, Vertigo XG offers the most advanced data-interfacing capabilities for even the most complex graphics, such as business news, sports results and elections

Video switching plus voice-overs
  • Vertigo XG offers integral A/B video switching capabilities (single channel version), including cuts, fades and wipe transitions
  • Four group audio support (16 embedded channels) and up to 8 AES inputs
  • Audio supported at 16, 20 and 24-bit depths at 48 kHz

Effective automated and manual control
  • Full automation control is performed by serial, Ethernet and GPI automation commands. Manual control is offered by the Branding Panel and Xpanel GUI

Easy configuration and robust performance
  • Robust broadcast architecture with video bypass, redundant power, RAID storage, hot-swappable fans and drives
  • Embedded O/S
  • Easy configuration using web server

Streamlined workflow with Vertigo Suite
  • Full integration with the Vertigo Suite graphics automation for highly productive channel branding and promotional graphics workflows

Dual or single channel operation
  • Two versions are available for single or dual channel operation (with fully independent graphics capabilities on each output, making it ideal for dual-casting):
  • Single channel (Vx-Vertigo-XG-21-e):
  • Dual program inputs
  • Single program output
  • Fully redundant PSUs (3)
  • Embedded audio processing plus up to 4 AES inputs/8 AES outputs
  • 1 TB RAID-1 storage (2x 1 TB mirrored), upgradable to 2 TB
  • Dual channel (Vx-Vertigo-XG-22-e):
  • Dual program inputs
  • Dual fill and key outputs
  • Fully redundant PSUs (3)
  • Embedded audio processing plus up to 8 AES inputs/16 AES outputs
  • 1 TB RAID-1 storage (2x 1 TB mirrored), upgradable to 2 TB