Grass Valley iTX Integrated Playout

IT-based Automated Playout for Multiformat Content Delivery

iTX Integrated Playout Platform
iTX is the world’s most advanced, integrated playout platform for broadcast television, with more than 1,500 channels on-air around the world. It transforms your playout operation into an efficient, scalable well-oiled machine with no compromises in quality, flexibility or control. iTX rewrites the traditional cost of ownership model with a solution that’s so much more than just a channel-in-a-box, delivering the resilience and performance demanded by world class television facilities.
Key Features
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Uncompromised playout performance
  • Streamlined, end-to-end workflow includes
  • Ingest
  • Content management
  • Audio/video processing
  • Transmission control
  • Traffic interface
  • Branding
  • Subtitle insertion
  • Archiving
  • Monitoring
  • Future proof, space saving and scalable design
  • Enterprise-level software, services and world class support
  • Integrated playlist-aware playout monitoring
  • Integrated Vertigo XG
  • iTX Render Service for Adobe After Effects

iTX Master Control - Integrated Playout with Master Control Capabilities
iTX Master Control brings together two market leading products in one solution: the power and scalability of iTX playout, with the quality and ease of use of Imagestore master control. iTX Master Control enables you to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of an integrated playout platform while retaining the hands-on operations required for proactive channel control. There is no longer the need to compromise between a restricted traditional system and a modern, scalable playout solution. iTX Master Control gives you the best of both.

iTX Playout Appliance - Robust Hardware Platform for iTX
The iTX Playout Appliance is a robust 1 RU, dedicated hardware platform for the iTX software suite of applications. The availability of this unique platform gives iTX users the convenience of a one stop solution for software, hardware and support, simplifying ordering, installation and deployment. Available in single or dual channel configurations, the appliance supports the most advanced iTX features such as powerful SD/HD multiformat playout, internal graphics and audio processing.

iTX Render Service - Automated Workflows for Adobe After Effects Graphics Playout
iTX Render Service (iRS) is a revolutionary advancement in graphics playout, offering creative teams the flexibility to use the broad range of graphics and text effects available in Adobe® After Effects®. iRS automates the processing of After Effects projects into fully finished graphics, ready for playout from an iTX integrated playout platform or Vertigo Suite graphics device. Now you can free your designers to use the extensive features of After Effects like never before — graphics can be created, validated and aired with full creativity, flexibility and confidence.