Grass Valley Master control and channel branding

Sophisticated Control and Promotion
Grass Valley has unrivaled expertise in master control switching and channel branding, with over 4,000 Imagestore systems deployed worldwide by many of the biggest names in television.

Whether you need live television master control and graphics or highly automated specialty channel branding, we offer a broad portfolio of future-ready graphics processors and master control switchers to meet your specific needs.

Master Control Devices
Whether it's one channel or many, Grass Valley master control solutions are designed to make play-to-air easy.
Imagestore 750 (master control and branding processor)
iMC (master control panel)

Branding Appliances
In today's fast-paced media landscape, on-screen branding can set you apart from the competition and help viewers to remember your channels. Grass Valley can help give your channels the unique identity they deserve.
Imagestore-Modular (master control and branding card)
LGK-3901 (channel branding processor)
Branding Panel (touchscreen)
DSK-3901 (downstream keyer)

Advanced channel branding
Grass Valley graphics packages are the key to help you promote your brand and improve viewer loyalty in any workflow. The Vertigo Suite of graphics automation and asset management tools adds the convenience of workflow efficiency to your creative elements. Powered by the Vertigo XG engine, your high quality, data-driven branding and promos are easily added into your playlist in advance or expertly created on the fly thanks to an array of pre-rendering and dynamic rendering options.
Available as standalone solutions, working hand-in-hand with our master control switchers or even integrated into our iTX playout platform, you have a wide range of options to leverage your team's creativity.

CG & Graphics Processors
Vertigo XG
Intuition XG
Graphics Workflow Tools
Vertigo Suite