EVS XTAccess Gateway Software

Based on standard Ethernet LAN or WAN connections, XTAccess is EVS’ gateway software.
Built to facilitate media interchange between EVS’ XT3 and XS production systems with third-party tools (post-production, switchers, controllers, storage, archives, file-based camcorders, automation, graphics, MAM, etc.) ensuring the highest level of security and efficiency.
Guaranteeing the highest level of integration of EVS systems, XTAccess handles a series of automatic media-conforming operations such as on the fly transcoding, media rewrapping and playlist rendering offering a smoother interchange of non-natively supported media. It is possible to automate processes by exchanging XML job files or by scanning media files in folders. XTAccess software is delivered with EVS’ production servers and runs on a PC or dedicated 1U EVS’ hardware.

  • On the fly transcoding operations
  • Restore/copy of a file to XT/XS series
  • Multi-video format conversion
  • Super Motion support
  • FTP server-based solution
  • Playlist and timeline management
  • Automated scan folder
  • Support of growing clips/files

  • Extended codec support
  • Facilitate media exchange between EVS servers and third-party tools
  • Automatic media conforming operations
  • On the fly transcoding
  • Media rewrapping
  • Playlist rendering
  • XML jobs files exchange
  • Scan media files in folders