EVS IPDirector Production Control

IPDirector is an integrated suite of video production management applications giving you total control of productions via EVS servers integrated into any workflow.
The IPDirector Suite allows ingest control, metadata management, on the fly editing and playout scheduling, all managed from a single interface. Running on a Windows-based workstation, IPDirector is user friendly for every member on the production team, so all network personnel can instantly share content, edits and metadata. The software suite transparently integrates with any third-party system, simplifying transfer of your media to post-production tools or archiving. IPDirector expands your horizons by increasing your workflow’s organization and accessibility.

  • Content production management suite
  • Easily ingest, log, manage, search, browse
  • Track, edit, create clips and highlights
  • Play out any video or audio content instantly
  • Complete and instant overview on the media sharing network, XNet2 (XT3, XS, EVS storage platforms, video tape recorders)
  • Control and organize any recording and live streaming actions of feeds from cameras, satellite or video tape recorders, either in high or low resolution
  • Simplifies logging and content association by sharing logs and descriptive data on the production network
  • Metadata can be transferred to and from third-party and post-production equipment via export of XML files.
  • The Xedio CleanEdit module which can access IPDirector’s nearline central storage and allows editing functions, effects transitions, audio mix down, voice-over, audio volume automation or graphics insertion.
  • The IPEdit module offers complete timeline editing with no rendering process required with long form editing (for quick program fixing) and short form editing (for highlights creation).

  • Multiple camera ingest
  • Instant review
  • Rough cut editing
  • Clip transfer and streaming to craft editor and storage
  • Highlights import from craft editors
  • Graphics import from graphical devices
  • Online storage and nearline storage control
  • Instant clip review
  • Playout control
  • Multifeeds ingest
  • Metadata management
  • Network control (high/low-resolution)
  • Transfer/Streaming to post-production
  • Quick program fixing
  • Fill & key

  • Pre-recorded show production
  • Live shows edit playback
  • Live OB & major sports event production
  • News